Bennett Construction Safety Officer Martin Laverty on how to instil the values of good safe practices to boost mental wellness

by | Nov 8, 2022

Safety Week 2022 Gold Sponsor

Bennett (Construction) Ltd is proud to be a gold sponsor of the CIF Construction Safety Week again this year. We use safety week each year to further enhance the promotion and performance of H&S and wellbeing across all our sites and to reach into our supply chain to further reinforce the message.

Over the past couple of years, we have seen the global impact of the pandemic, not only on the construction industry itself on site, but on all our supply chain members. We continue to witness the impact across all sectors and economies.

Bennett Construction Safety Officer Martin Laverty

Together with the health and safety of our employees and supply chain partners, we place strong significance of the mental wellbeing of those we are in contact with.

Bennett Construction Limited became a company supporter of the Lighthouse Club, where we consistently promote the important services that they provide, including the Construction Industry Helpline (1800 939 122) as a valuable 24/7 resource for those who may wish to make contact for support.

We believe everyone should have access to mental health First Aid, and the company has trained mental health First Aiders and our staff on site to help identify and confidentially guide people in the right direction regarding health and wellness programmes that are available through the Lighthouse Club and other bodies.

Bennett Construction safety on site

Safety Week this year has been a very important part of the health, safety and wellbeing message we are delivering to the industry. As we enter the winter months, it is imperative that we continue to instil the values of good safe practices to all.

We do this by investing in the core technologies, training and developing awareness programmes for our employees, our supply chain and our sub-contracting members.

Bennett Construction Ltd has invested in the future with the introduction and roll-out of our own safety app. This SMS in our hand has had a positive and fundamental impact throughout the company.

Martin Laverty giving a Toolbox Talk

It allows for easy checking of full compliance with all statutory documentation and feedback from our sub-contractors has been very positive. At Bennett we constantly and continually strive to create a safe work environment for all who enter our sites.

Our aim, has always been to complete each project, incident and accident free and allowing all parties to return home safely each day.

We implement this by having the best resources available and insisting on the adherence of a safety culture that all are happy to buy into. Seeing the positive results we have made really makes it all the more worthwhile.

At Bennett we implemented polices and safe systems that were paramount to allowing our employees to return to work and to know that their safety and wellbeing was our priority.

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