Boxcore: From construction project manager to tech founder

by | Apr 19, 2024

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Padraig Reilly, the founder and CEO of Boxcore, spent almost 20 years in the construction industry as a civil engineer and project manager.

He worked on construction projects in Australia, Ireland, and the UK in leadership roles for both General Contractors and Subcontractors before founding Boxcore.

Like many people within the industry, Padraig grew frustrated by the lack of practical options available when looking for ways to streamline site safety requirements, particularly the collecting and tracking of training, equipment, and safety documents.

“Typically, the available digital options were not built for frontline staff or subcontractors and would not be adopted by the key frontline users, and usage would often be restricted to office staff.

Due to the lack of practical options, companies typically default back to photocopying site information, endless emails, siloed data, manual data uploading, and manual updating of spreadsheets, which is very labour intensive and prone to error.

“Boxcore was built so all staff can use it with a few minutes of training and can access or share key safety data in a couple of clicks from any device anywhere. The result is that the project team is not bogged down with admin or having to chase data, allowing all team
members to focus on project delivery to drive both safety and productivity benefits.

“The benefits to our clients are real and very quick to realise. We typically would have a new client fully up and running with their actual data live on the system within a matter of hours.

“This is important for project teams who are juggling the multiple pressures of delivering construction projects and don’t have time for lengthy onboarding processes. Our solution delivers three key benefits.

“Firstly, we make compliance easy by ensuring all team members, from the supervisor to the head office, can check key safety data from any device in seconds.

“Secondly, we greatly reduce the administrative burden that teams face on projects – we eliminate the need for emails, manual data uploading, and the need to update spreadsheets manually.

“Thirdly, our users realise improved labour productivity by greatly reducing the downtime crews typically face on site when site teams need to verify data before starting tasks on site.”

Boxcore entered the market in late 2021 and now has over 150 companies as customers, from large Tier One Contractors to small subcontractors.

The solution is being used on a very broad range of projects, including heavy civil projects, high-spec office fit-outs, data centre projects, and subcontracting companies.

While an Irish company, the company has a very strong international outlook with clients now in the UK, Europe, and the USA.

“The in-built ‘can-do’ mindset of Irish people is ideally suited to the challenges construction projects face.

It has ensured that Irish companies and leadership are well regarded within the global construction industry with many Irish companies and leadership teams leading many major construction projects globally.

“We plan to grow our team in the UK and the US this year and Australia after that. The market reaction to our product has been fantastic, and we continue investing heavily in our product roadmap to add additional features to increase the value we deliver to our users.”

The company has just recently added Digital Inductions to our offering.

“Our goal is to become a ‘one-stop-shop’ for any project’s key safety requirements so that users can see all safety data in one place in  couple of clicks rather than going to different apps or folders.

“The reality of construction projects is that every task requires site teams to collect and check that different documents are in place before completing the task.

“Have the workers got the correct training? Does the equipment have its inspections up to date? Is there a RAMS in place for the task? Has the worker been inducted? Is there a permit in place?

“It doesn’t make sense and is highly inefficient when teams must check this on three to four different systems or do this through manual methods. Our solution enables site teams to verify this data in seconds from any device.”

As the company navigates its exciting growth journey, Boxcore’s core mission remains unchanged – to provide construction teams with a simple means of collecting, sharing, or tracking safety data in seconds from any device.

“Our goal is to become the default way safety data is captured and shared on all building projects globally. We are very excited for what comes next but will keep our focus on our customers as they are the key to our success.”

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