Company stories with: Mercury Digital Core surveying manager Ciarán McManus

by | Jun 22, 2021

What’s been the biggest benefit of CIF membership?

From the point of view of our BIM department, we have been involved with the CIF Construction 4.0 subcommittee and associated workgroup since their inception. Previously, under the chairmanship of our CEO Eoin Vaughan, this subcommittee has given us the opportunity to be involved with the conversation around adoption of new technologies within the construction sector.

What project are you most excited about?

We are currently delivering many exciting projects across Ireland, the UK and continental Europe but one that really excites me is a large semiconductor project in Ireland. The level of complexity and the wide variety of distinctive aspects have made this particular project quite exciting to be a part of. The advances in our technology application to meet the challenges presented by this job have given us the opportunity to investigate and apply some creative and unique solutions.

Tell us something we can’t read about your company online?

Mercury’s BIM department is quite culturally diverse with staff from a wide variety of countries. This diversity brings different perspectives to the way we approach our work and the exposure to different experiences and world views makes for more interesting interactions within the team.

What’s the best piece of technology your company is embracing right now?

One of our surveyors is currently leading a project within the department on Artificial Neural Networks. While this is still in the early stages of development, the potential gains that could be achieved from this project are quite exciting and would represent a significant enhancement of our capabilities.

How to become a CIF member

If you are looking for access to leading construction information, services and representation, or your company supplies products or services into the sector, CIF membership is for you. The CIF offers tailored membership packages to reflect your sectoral requirements and to give you market edge in an ever-competitive construction industry, For more details contact Membership Development Executive Bernardine Walsh on [email protected] or +353 1 406 6067

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