Did you ever hear of zebra mussels and what do they have to do with blocked pipes?

by | Apr 22, 2024

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The zebra mussel is a small freshwater mussel. The species originates from the lakes of southern Russia and Ukraine. However, it has been accidentally introduced to numerous other areas and has now become an invasive species in many countries worldwide.

According to Google, the zebra mussel probably arrived in Ireland in 1994 attached to the hulls of second-hand boats imported from Britain or the Netherlands.

They inhabit slow rivers, canals, docks, lakes, reservoirs, and even water pipes and cooling systems. Now that they are here in Ireland they are causing all sorts of blockage issues.

We recently worked on a project in the Midlands, where our client are managing a reservoir that has been invaded by zebra mussels leading to 70 per cent blockage of the network.

This blockage could lead to negative impacts on public water flows.

So what was our role?

Our job involved cleaning out these large pipes using our off-road tracking machine. This specialist equipment allows for extension of the jetting hoses to inaccessible locations.

This 5ft off road tracking machine is an ideal piece of specialised equipment where pipe access is an issue. It is suitable for unsafe ground where our trucks cannot go.

Additionally, it provides a safe extension of the jetting hoses. Water Management is a critical aspect of ensuring that you have access to clean and safe water.

Cleaning a reservoir is no small feat and requires a team effort.

The cleaning process involved several stages, draining the reservoir and removing all debris. Once the reservoir was empty, we used specialised cleaning equipment to remove any remaining sediment and contaminants.

This equipment is designed to clean the reservoir thoroughly while minimising damage to the structure.

CD Environmental have a team of experts offers full project development, by selecting the most suitable solution for industrial reservoir cleaning.

Cleaning is mostly needed in reservoirs that are contaminated with various sediments, which have developed over time and thus hinder full utilisation of the reservoir.

One of our core services is in cleaning all sizes of water storage tanks for residential, commercial and institutional customers.

Apart from our fleet of JetVacs, CD Environmental also have a range of Off- Road equipment including Crawlers and 4WD Pick-Up trucks to allow access to remote or difficult to access sites.

We utilise remotely operated vehicles to effectively remove sediment from reservoirs eliminating the need to employ personnel entering the reservoir. Work safety and environmental management are our focus.

This allows CD Environmental to follow and inspect drains and lines effectively ensuring clients peace of mind through knowing that everything is in order.

Thanks to CraneHire for help with this project. This is not our first project dealing with blockages caused by zebra mussels – who would have thought we have become the experts in this field!

This job can get very interesting.

For more information on how CD Environmental can assist with your Remote Access issues or Tank Cleaning, please contact [email protected]

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