Fostering community at the Master Builders and Contractors Association Annual Dinner

by | Nov 4, 2023

Congratulations to the 2023 Ivan Webb Award Winners, pictured above, who were presented with their awards on the night by the MBCA President in recognition of their academic achievements. L-R: Evan McEvoy, Richard Gordan, MBCA President Alan Coakley, TUD’s Sonia Meekel, Melissa Dier and Michael Smith. Photos: Brian Brophy

WHAT: Master Builders & Contractors Association (MBCA) Annual Dinner
WHERE: Dublin
WHEN: November 3

Master Builders & Contractors Association President Alan Coakley hosted this year’s Annual MBCA Dinner.

In his welcome address the president spoke passionately about the construction industry and its key role as a partner to the Government, FDI and the domestic commercial sector.

Mr Coakley also highlighted the need to put in place a collaborative contractual framework driven by quality, whole life cycle value, and effective risk management, if we are going to deliver on the NDP and support FDI.

These are the foundation stones of a sustainable and green industry, necessary to offer long term value to our clients and most importantly Ireland.


The MBCA dinner is one of the highlights of the year for the members. It offers an informal social environment where they can reconnect with old friends and build new connections.

While policy and advocacy is a key component of the MBCA’s work, an equally important one is managing and maintaining its community of members.

On the night the 2023 Ivan Webb Award Winners were presented with their awards by the MBCA President in recognition of their academic achievements.

The MBCA would also like to thank its sponsors Procore and CP Skillnet for supporting the dinner, which took place at the Clayton Hotel, Burlington Road.

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