If it was up to me: Chris Barrett

by | Aug 16, 2021

Advice and thoughts on the lighter side of life

Chris Barrett is owner and Managing Director of Leading Edge Project Directors, a consultancy firm specialising in project and development management. Chris is also a former inter-county player with Mayo GAA and hung up his boots following the 2020 All-Ireland final.

If you could spend a day in someone else’s shoes who would it be?

Chris Martin (Coldplay), playing Electric Picnic. Purely for the adrenaline rush!

What law would you change?

I would make the bus lanes accessible to buses, emergency services, taxis and … Chris Barrett.

What’s your pet peeve?

The phrase ‘vulture funds’. A lot of people in our industry in Ireland would be unemployed but for institutional investment.

Who has inspired you most?

Pádraig Harrington is a person I have always admired. Three major wins, in a sport played by hundreds of millions, is a phenomenal achievement. And his dedication to continually improving and learning, even when he was at the top of his game, has always struck a chord.

Favourite landmark?

It’s not quite a landmark but the Atlantic Ocean and beaches in Belmullet always draw me home. A great place to switch off.


What should be more well-known?

Carne Golf Links. Even if you don’t set foot on a fairway going around the 18 holes, the scenery and setting is very special.

If you could get rid of one Irish county which one would it be?

Roscommon, easiest question of the day. Would be a much more enjoyable drive to Mayo if it disappeared!

What song would you play for the rest of your life?

Tough one. I’ll have to go with Tom Waits, I Hope That I Don’t Fall In Love With You.

Favourite quote?

You only live once. Simple but effective and will keep you on the right track if you remind yourself often enough.

What emoji should be banned and introduced?

The love heart. You can’t really love everything that much? Nothing to add – they have thought of everything at this stage.

Favourite online site?

The Athletic – I’m a big fan of the American sports scene.

If you could create any Olympic sport what would it be?

Irish cross country bog running.

What should everyone do at least once in their life?

Each to their own but I’m a big foodie and I love travelling, so go to Italy and have a pizza.

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