Manage and track construction site progress remotely for greater ROI

by | Aug 26, 2022

Ease, optimisation, and profitability through technology

Amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, recessions, inflationary pressures, and industry shifts, the ability to remotely manage and track progress on construction sites isn’t just a nice-to-have, it’s a necessity to produce ROI and remain competitive while delivering projects on time and within budget.

In the last several years, every industry has recognised the need to maintain project momentum when personnel are offsite. Construction was no different, and companies that leaned into technology continue to be more resilient in the face of global market changes.

Capture and share project sites rapidly

Innovative documentation solutions make monitoring project progress and conditions faster and easier than ever. With 360-degree cameras strapped onto hardhats and AI technology running in the background, raw video is captured and seamlessly uploaded to the cloud to produce a visual twin of the project site.

In an average of 15 minutes processing time projects are completely documented, giving remote teams anywhere in the world visibility into project progress and facilitating troubleshooting, reporting, and more.

“We can easily organise every project with our auxiliary teams and provide virtual tours to collaborators all over the world,” said Augustín Tapia Quesada, Head of IT at Astican Shipyard, a ship repair yard in Spain’s Canary Islands, of documentation solution OpenSpace. “It increases our collaborators’ confidence in our work.”

As hybrid work models become the norm and the potential for ongoing travel restrictions looms, these technologies enable companies to face uncertainty with confidence.

Fast-track remote inspections and improve risk mitigation

The construction industry has been notably slow in adopting technology. There are many reasons for this lag, including a hesitancy among both leadership and on-the-ground teams. Yet documentation and progress tracking software can mitigate frustrating delays from waiting on inspections at key milestones, for example, effectively speeding up the whole build process.

These platforms generate 360-degree virtual twins of project sites that inspectors can virtually “walk” from afar, which can help identify and resolve quality control issues quickly, while proactive steps can be taken to maintain quality assurance.

Project images are typically time-stamped to provide a trusted record of progress, while integrations make it easy to flag specific areas and offer additional context for greater security and risk mitigation.

Why top construction teams are using technology

Research gathered in 2022’s The Future of Construction Report published by the UK Times points to a clear result: Investing in technology is a form of future-proofing for the construction

Technology can optimise resources, reduce risk and rework, and make processes more efficient – even in largely remote settings. Teams can deliver projects on time and within budget, increasing profitability. In a world of uncertainty, the path to sustainability requires technology that allows teams to do what they do best—without commutes, guesswork, rework, or delays.

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