Mercury Engineering Group’s Joanne Cluxton makes Electrical Contractors Association history

by | Apr 5, 2023

Pictured above is Sean Greally, Designer Group, M&ECA Vice President and ECA President with Joanne Cluxton, ECA Vice President

Mercury Engineering Group HR Manager Joanne Cluxton has been nominated as Vice President of the Electrical Contractors Association. She is the first ever female to hold this position.

Earlier this year, the Mechanical Engineering and Building Services Contractors Association (MEBSCA) and the Electrical Contractors Association (ECA) held their joint AGM, followed by the Mechanical & Electrical Contractors Association AGM.

The M&ECA is the umbrella Association for both MEBSCA and the ECA and the Presidency of the M&ECA alternates between the two associations on a yearly basis.

Sean Downey, CIF Director; Eamon McGrattan, McGrattan Kenny and M&ECA President, MEBSCA President; Denise Tuffy, CIF Executive; Sean Greally, Designer Group, M&ECA Vice President and ECA President; Joanne Cluxton, Mercury Engineering and ECA Vice President; Colm Burke, Mercury Engineering, M&ECA and ECA Immediate Past President

A number of changes were made to the officers of the ECA and the M&ECA. Colm Burke from Mercury Engineering stepped down as President of the ECA and the M&ECA.

The position of M&ECA President was taken up by Eamon McGrattan from McGrattan Kenny, while Sean Greally from Designer Group has stepped into the position of ECA President.

Members of the Association expressed their gratitude to outgoing President Colm Burke who, having taken on the role for an extra year due to a sequencing issue, steered the Association through uncertain times due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Members also welcomed Eamon McGrattan as the new M&ECA President, Sean Greally as Vice President of M&ECA and President of the ECA. Paul Nicholls from Designer Group will remain in the position as the Vice President of MEBSCA.

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