New voices in construction: Ledjan Gjoni

by | Feb 25, 2022

Ledjan Gjoni, 21, is an Apprentice Electrician with Mercury Engineering

I started as an apprentice electrician with Mercury Engineering in February last year and I’m now working on the Intel site in Lucan, where I’ve been doing night shifts for several months thanks to help and encouragement from Way2 Work Ireland.

Working as an apprentice in construction in Ireland has been a great experience for me so far. I feel I have learned tremendously
and now know loadsmore, not only on electrical work, which my trade is emphasised on, but also on other mechanical work that you encounter during the job.

As an apprentice I am always striving to make myself better and look forward to different challenges that force me to learn and become a greater worker. On a typical day, when I first start my shift, I complete SPA (Safe Plan of Action), GA2 which is a Mewp host report of daily and weekly examination.

After finishing those, I have to complete GA3, which is the most important one when you’re working at heights. So basically, once all
the applicable forms are filled out, I go up to my foreman who talks me through the tasks and sketches of the plan that has to be done for the shift work.

Since I was a little kid I always felt that I learnt better by being more practical and doing things. When I finished my Leaving Certificate, I decided to pursue an apprenticeship in construction because I had a big interest in the industry and because it is such a hands-on field. I felt that it was a great fit for me.

Working on site I have enjoyed trunking. I feel it is something an electrician has to be really good at – besides cabling and other electrical work. From my career in construction, I am hoping to come out as a fully-qualified electrician.

I feel Mercury has been the best place so far to learn this trade. I’m only at the end of my first year at the moment but I feel that I have learned so much and am eager for more.

If you were CEO what is the first thing you would do?

I would first analyse the strengths and weaknesses of the company, then segregate them into areas where there’s a little to be done to a lot to be done. Besides that, I would like to make it compulsory for every employee to acknowledge each other’s achievements and be thankful to them for doing their part in making the business grow.

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