Special report into the housing crisis in the summer issue of CIF’s Construction magazine – out now

by | Jul 29, 2021

In the latest issue of Construction magazine we take an in-depth look at the housebuilding sector in Ireland and meet some of
the people across the country who design, build and deliver the dwellings we call home.

There are many real, urgent and complex challenges facing those who work in the sector as well as those who live in, rent or are trying to buy a home. There is a dire need for critical thinking and leadership in both government and the industry if the problems at the core of this crisis are to be solved to any great effect.

Our special report House of Cards: How to Fix the Housing Crisis features a series of leadership pieces and interviews with those who are most involved with and affected by the issues in the housing market on a daily basis.

Housing has remained a highly-political issue for the past 15 years,” says CIF Director General Tom Parlon. “Successive ministers and governments have been unable to unlock the tangle of bureaucracy, nimbyism and non-construction costs that militate against sustainable supply. There is some slight optimism that the current government is listening. But we have been here before, many times.

“This issue of Construction will highlight the challenges affecting delivery on housing. Any politician looking to resolve the housing crisis would do well to keep a copy of this edition close to hand,” he adds. “But the housing issue is much more than simply a list of problems.”

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Also in the summer edition

The July|August issue of Construction features a special supplement showcasing the companies supplying and supporting the homebuilding sector in Ireland. See inside for A-Z listings and a look at the disruptor trends in real estate. We also speak to people who are innovating and redesigning our homes and ask if Covid-19 and the pandemic has changed the way we live for good.

And finally, in a month that has seen the contentious billionaire space race take flight, we speak to experts at NASA and the European Space Agency and take an offbeat look at whether advances in technology means we will be building new habitats on Mars and the Moon in the not too distance future.

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